In video production you sometimes wear many hats, included: PA, News Photog, Director, and coffee maker extraordinaire. With all those opportunities over a course of 21 years you quickly understand what works and unfortunately what doesn't work. Having built hundreds of themed templates we've come to the conclusion that project management is key to getting jobs done fast today and six months down the road. It maybe over kill, but each comp, layer, and folder has a purpose. There's no need to go on a scavenger hunt when you open one of our project files.

Q. What are the costs and is there a credit system?
A. Templates fee's are listed in the store. There are no hidden costs and no need to buy silly credits that you don't need.

Q. Do you take cash?
A. Yes, but we prefer usingPayPal.

Q. How long does it take to receive download info & links?
A. Info is processed within seconds and personal passwords and user names are sent out within 18 hours of payment.

Q. Is there a return policy?
A. All sales are FINAL.

Q. Can I use newer programs other than CS3 to start editing?
A. Yes! All the templates can be opened with newer versions, but you can't back in time. For example, most of the packages are created in CS3. Opening the project files in CS2 will no work.

Q. Do I need to be a top After Effects, Photoshop gunslinger to work on these files?
A. A basic understanding of your software tools are needed, but guru status is not needed.:)

Q. I love your templates, but will you be making anymore tutorails?
A. Yes, we still like doing tuts. Be sure to hit the LIKE button on our Facebook page for the latest tuts.

Q. What are the term of use?
A. They can be used for commercial, private, or personal use. We ask that you do not resell or pass them off as your own.